About us

After almost 11 years of experience in Oil and Gas, including design to operation, we decided to consolidate our practical skills and extend our supports and services directly to the enormous market of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical.
The Abzar Daghigh DIBA Company, known as DIBACO in the market, is a corporation of 6 engineers between 5 and 15 years of experience in the automation industry. The Company has acquired 15 full time engineers and employs experience of 12 part time engineers according to projects and training requirements.
Having the knowledge of the wide varieties of local and international projects executed in our region, currently DIBACO is able to recognize the project requirements and shortages to resolve different types of the problems immediately and provide solutions for them.
This is why our scope of service is classified to cover most of the demands of the projects. Staying in touch with famous multinational companies such as YOKOGAWA, EMERSON, Honeywell & Pepperl+Fuchs enable us to carry out consultant activities and provide the most suitable solutions for each project.

Some of our references:

JAM Petrochemical Company: Supplying YOKOGAWA DCS Spare parts & Transmitters
Arya Sasol Polymer Company: Supplying EMERSON DCS Spare parts & Transmitters
South Pars Gas Complex Company: Supplying YOKOGAWA DCS Spare parts
Farsa Chimie Company in Jam Petrochemical Complex: Supplying MASONEILAN Control Valves
Pars Petrochemical Company: Supplying YOKOGAWA Field Instruments
Sazeh Consultants Company: Supplying MTL Barriers & Isolators
Iran Gas Transmission Company: Supplying BARTEC Explosion Proof Motors